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Alan Garner

When my parents ask me about my grades

1 day ago

yung loser

when people ask me about bae

1 day ago

totally str8 alli

Ok so i made my little sister ask her boyfriend about lana and she handed me the phone and i....

1 day ago

suhani a'aina

Tolong...dont ask me about him anymore....Please....hmmm

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Prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal calls mandatory Ebola quarantines "unfair and unwise" #science

2 days ago


Rutin makan cokelat dpt memangkas 1/3 penyakit yg biasa menyerang tubuh alias mmiliki harapan hidup lbh lama. [The British Medical Journal]

4 days ago

NPR Health News

Medical Journal To Governors: You're Wrong About Ebola Quarantine

2 days ago

Robert Kodingo

The British Medical Journal says 'Drinking large amounts of milk may not lower the risk of bone fractures' @Hakeenah @Smbuguah @Jahnno

2 minutes ago

Fernando Rivertt

#Leche, podría acelerar tu envejecimiento e incrementar la mortalidad, según estudio de el British Medical Journal.

7 minutes ago