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Gimba Kakanda

My encounters with Femi Fani-Kayode were at the residences of his Fulani friends, and in all the encounters it bugg…

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William LeGate

It's weird how every gun nut stops talking to me after I ask why they aren't also passionately whining about their…

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♈️☀️I'll Be 39 on 4/6🌙♌️

So I want folks to be clear: A lot of folks have used the tag and have talked to me about it and it's love. They 1)…

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la luz ✨

My favorite thing to ask guys who are interested me is their opinion on Kim Kardashian. You learn so much about his views on women and race.

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@drsharma17 @WilmotEmma @KatMcD86 Preconception HbA1C: 6.5% (don't ask me about IFCC), then to 6% with the endocrin…

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