Cant Subscribe To Swtor tweets

Joanna Faith

@SWTOR I'm unable to subscribe... Any issues with credit card payments?

3 years ago

Jared Johnson

First tweet, so just playing Star Wars the Old Republic. #SWTOR #AwesomelyEpic #Subscribe

3 years ago

laureen travillian

RT @milne_brian: keep getting General Error when i try to subscribe, is this being fixed@SWTOR

3 years ago


@GTeeg Hey, sir. I just used your SWTOR Ref Link to get myself 7 days of subscription. I thank you for it :-) I will subscribe in 4 days btw

3 years ago

Natalie S.

I subscribe to SWTOR admittedly; but I like the option of still being able to play even if I drop the subscription. Microtransactions (cont)

3 years ago

Scotty James

@TESOnline Good luck. If the game is good people will subscribe. SWTOR got old fast and I love Star Wars. I love TES so I hope for the best.

3 years ago


@pkollar Maybe eight, but I think you're right. I'm a huge Star Wars/KotoR fan, I won't subscribe for SWTOR, and the same is true for ESO.

3 years ago

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