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Donald J. Trump

Looks like Bob Mueller’s team of 13 Trump Haters & Angry Democrats are illegally leaking information to the press w…

1 week ago

Kamala Harris

As president, I would double the size of the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department because our government…

1 week ago

Maeve Reston

Actor @ChrisEvans is creating a website where you can hear both sides of a political issue in a succinct, digestibl…

1 week ago


RT @StormIsUponUs: [He] is saying they are losing the information war and can no longer defend against the vast worldwide armada of truth t…

1 week ago

Steamer Girl

RT @paul_serran: #QAnon #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #AskTheQ @POTUS (12) The DNC and HRC campaign used the conservative political journalism…

1 week ago