Denise Andreacchi Leaving Town tweets

Sarah Kendzior

Mayor of town in Puerto Rico: Our hospital is at capacity, people will start dying. Why is our government not addr…

22 hours ago

Jake Tapper

A year ago at our CNN town hall with veterans and troops, one soldier asked then-President Obama about @Kaepernick7

13 hours ago

The Associated Press

BREAKING: Sen. Collins says it's 'very difficult' to imagine backing GOP health care bill, leaving plan's fate in deeper doubt.

2 hours ago

Chad Carter

@MikePrestonSun The reason we didn't mind him leaving Pittsburgh, this is how he plays

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RT @BruhReport: Russell, Paul George and Melo next offseason seeing who is leaving for LA first

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RT @Grown1DARG: Niall durante This Town ❤️❤️ #iHeartFestival

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RT @blxcknicotine: "True love is not leaving when things get hard"

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