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Nicolás Maduro

Chávez enfrento los riesgos del ataque de la derecha que pretendió influir en las elecciones 2012. Fascismo puro...

7 months ago


Directioners, you've slowed down Best Song of Summer voting. Not sure 1D can beat 2012's 23 MILLION record. VOTE:

7 months ago


For the price of Gareth Bale you can buy: 3 Ronaldinhos 2,180,000 copies of FIFA PSG in 2012 46,612 Spurs season tickets 524 trips to space

7 months ago

Football Funnys

PL 2012/13: Gareth Bale: 33 Games, 25 Goals + Assists. "£100m superstar" Theo Walcott: 32 Games, 24 Goals + Assists. "No football brain"

7 months ago

Evil Kagawa

World say Xavi & Iniesta best play-a-make! 2012/13 Ini- esta 31game-3goal Xavi 30game-5goal Kagawa 20game-6(six)goal Go home world-YOU DRUNK!

7 months ago


“Indahnya masa itu. Masa di mana aku masih begitu mudah untuk menghubungimu.” READ:

7 months ago

Alison at Home

15% off all these use code 'bankholiday' at checkout. We have 1 accessory to give away- just RT for a chance to #win

7 months ago

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