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Continuing on the partnership after Korea and Japan, LOVE MYSELF campaign joined hands with UNICEF US and UK! Che…

1 month ago

David Priess

“What has she done for Americans that justifies paying for the travel, office, resources and access that she enjoys…

1 month ago

Renato Mariotti

So if some of Ivanka’s emails turn out to contain classified information, she should be prosecuted?

1 month ago

sparkly ✨

RT @peedekaf: lol= laughing out loud tmi= too much information brb= be right back ttyl= talk to you later iest= im exceptionally sad to…

1 month ago

Bosna Bosnae

@NovakovicSNP @admirim Yeah sure... what is his name. Of you don't give us this information... We will k ow you are lying. As always.

1 month ago