Is Zach Roloff Still Dating Tori tweets

I'm Just Saying...

I'm single, you're single. I like you, you like me. We are not dating. Am I missing out something here?

2 years ago


"ed is dating ellie" "niall is dating ellie" "i am dating ellie" "u are dating ellie" "obama is dating ellie" EVERYONE'S DATING ELLIE

2 years ago

Girl Code

the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

2 years ago


ZE:A's Siwan looks like a kid next to BoA and Choi Daniel on the set of 'Hope for Dating'

2 years ago

Because I'm a Guy

It's so hard to find a girl who's actually worth dating

2 years ago

Childhood Memories!

Perks of dating me: you don't have to worry about me cheating because I never leave the house

2 years ago

College Humor

We aren't dating, but when I see someone else flirting with you, I just want to punch them in the face

2 years ago

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