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A man named Joseph Bolitho Johns escaped Australian prison so many times, they built a special cell just for him -- He escaped that as well.

4 years ago

anthony spears

leaving the house without my phone battery being at 100% gives me anxiety

4 years ago

Common White Girl

I get insanely uncomfortable when people have their own selfies as their phone wallpaper.

4 years ago

Barney Stinson

"I'm going to bed" really means "I'm going to lay in my bed and be on my phone for an hour or so."

4 years ago

Cody Simpson

check out my line of phone cases at a @Cellairis near you!

4 years ago

First World Pains

Checking your phone to see what time it is and checking it again because the first time you weren't paying attention.

4 years ago


Imagine if you called the wrong number

4 years ago

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