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#MISSING! Sarah was last seen on May 28, 2019. Sarah may still be in the local Oakland, #California area.

20 hours ago


Local governments are leading the charge in the fight against face surveillance's threat to privacy, safety, and fr…

1 day ago

Julia Pulver, RN

I worked in Beaumont as an RN, in their NICU. Nurses make or break hospitals. They cannot run without us. But becau…

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ICE used Oakland Airport to deport thousands of detained immigrants, report says

9 minutes ago

Lindsay Echols

RT @sj_ellison: #UPDATE: Standoff in Oakland that started as a pursuit is still ongoing hours later. One suspect is in custody, but another…

48 minutes ago

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sloane (sipihkopiyesis)

ok but does anyone know any details for the 'raid area 51' party like how cute are we supposed to look? and what ti…

1 day ago

Donald J. Trump

When an old Wall at the Southern Border, that is crumbling and falling over, built in an important section to keep…

19 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

When we rip down and totally replace a badly broken and dilapidated Barrier on the Southern Border, something which…

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무제(나랏말싸미 보이콧)

RT @eompd1: 우리 가카께서 설마 증인의 신상털이를 지시했을까요? 제 팔에 팔토시를 끼워도 저는 저~얼대 믿지 않겠 읍 니다. #도통령의전략 #2심은증인없이?? 이재명 변호인 측, 증인 개인정보 불법 수집했다…

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Siyanda Silvah

RT @eNCA: Prepare for mass job losses, Ramaphosa warns

2 hours ago