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John Fugelsang

Ivanka Trump WH job is a victory for every millionaire-at-birth handbag designer who ever dreamed of being her father's unpaid work-wife.

15 hours ago

Paul Joseph Watson

Father sees his kid being beaten up, gets mad, but then he's the bad guy BECAUSE RACISM or something. Watch how Al…

22 hours ago

The New York Times

Breaking News: Ivanka Trump takes unpaid federal job as father's assistant after her voluntary role raised concerns

19 hours ago

Ayn S

RT @pagliabot: Chomsky’s hatred of the United States is pathological — stemming from some bilious problem with father figures that is too f…

17 seconds ago

Abdul Samī'💯

@SirRaulOoo @viXiSaavedra @ChanningTating close enough. magsorry ko daan father🙏

18 seconds ago

sonika insan

RT @ITwingDSS: Super fast FD D (Father-Daughter Duo) sets new milestone in the film industry!!! #WrappedJEin15Days. A record in itself!!

19 seconds ago

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