Sinhala Nisadas Father tweets


Bob Marley’s father was actually a white man from England.

1 day ago

Dave Chapelle

First black guy to admit he's the father

1 day ago


RT @AtheistBlobfish: A short play, by Blobfish. Jesus: Father, why have you forsaken me? God: Because you think sandals are cool. Jesus:…

20 seconds ago


RT @_maddy_love12: "@Harryedsytles: He'd be a great father one day" yeah to our children 😁

20 seconds ago

Julius Cesar

Home isn't really a place to me. Home is wherever my father and dog are.

21 seconds ago

Lovatic Wolfie Liar

RT @FeelsforSterek: mom: you know ian bohen is old enough to be your father me: the father of my children mom: what me: me: what

21 seconds ago


@Kvo001 The child is the father of the man.

22 seconds ago

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