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Ana Navarro

These are US citizen children, separated from their father. Republicans, this is not “family values”. America, th…

1 day ago

Zachary Fox

what strain of weed will make me feel like i grew up with a father

1 day ago

Aditya Raj Kaul

As we Kashmiri Pandits mark the 29th year in forced exile which began on 19th January ‘90. Glimpse of what we lost…

23 hours ago


The All Father is all powerful and He loves me. Whom shall I fear?

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RT @jeon970: like father like son

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RT @ShaykhAzhar: This 👇🏻 A man came to the Holy Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of God whom shall I be good to?’ He said, ‘Your mother.’…

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David Cox

RT @renato_mariotti: According to Trump Jr., his meeting with Russians who wanted to help his father’s campaign was “standard practice in a…

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