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I love my idols

@AustinMahone we are soooooo close! KEEP UP THE VOTING GUYS!!!!!… #VoteAustinMahone

1 year ago

Abby Cano

@ForeverrMo Me either! Those are not easy songs to sing.

1 year ago


Was Mariah Carey ever signed to BadBoy??? I swear did in all her songs lol

1 year ago

Alya Azman

And I am extremely happy right now because they are playing my favourite songs! Woot The Strokes.

1 year ago


@GossipNewsstand I practice singing songs every day.

1 year ago

Shamaine Bailey

Get it over with has to be like my top 3 songs off Rihanna album

1 year ago

Beau Bailey

My favourite part is when I loose all my music from my phone except 16 songs.. Razor Blades excepted here.. #endingitall #whatamission

1 year ago

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