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Zayn Malik to perform a duet with The Weeknd at the MTV #VMAS? YES PLEASE AND THANKS.

16 hours ago

Luke Brooks

someone bought me green hairspray at the meet and greet so call me zayn for 1 night plz (thanks Amy)

20 hours ago


Stephen Hawking says "outside of our own universe lies another different universe—and in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction.”

1 day ago


Ziam ın gerçek olduğunu Zayn gittikten sonra daha iyi anladım ve bende Ziam Shipper oldum #MTVHitsLA #1DDragMeDown

20 seconds ago

Niall Horan

RT @ilovepayne1203: #MyWattysChoice Don't mess with us by white_rose1D jlgOkl X839

21 seconds ago

RT @oopslou: louis: i will never get tattoos zayn: drugs are for idiots zouis is real

21 seconds ago


yüz doksan uc #MTVHitsLA #1DDragMeDown

21 seconds ago

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