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One Direction

When a girl made Niall cry so Louis sang for him and Zayn comforted him #fetusonedirectionday

13 hours ago

you deserve 5/5 ily

#fetusonedirectionday "Zayn you're the winner which means Liam you're irrelevant and get a banana in your face"

16 hours ago


Zayn and Louis with fans today #7 (via @allwillbegone )

1 day ago


when zayn got upset because nobody picked him #fetusonedirectionday

14 hours ago

they made liam promote the single bc they knew zayn would throw a shakespeare harry speaks slow no one understands niall louis would swear

1 day ago

One Direction

-5/5 in UK -niall in denim jacket -harrys hair game strong -selfies -sweater zayn [wipes tear] [applause and cheers]

16 hours ago


Zayn with a fan outside the rehearsal studio today in London! #1

1 day ago

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