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معدل شراء العملات بالدينار : - دولار أمريكي 0.303 - جنيه إسترليني 0.403 - يورو 0.360 - جنيه مصري 0.019 - ليرة تركية…

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Richard Stengel

In 2027, bill provides $360 in cuts for middle-income taxpayers and $321,000 for the top 0.1%. That’s a lot of tric…

1 day ago

ヤマハ バイク

冬季の快適性と握りやすさを追求したグリップウォーマー360 B(・ω・)ノ18,360円(税込) 車両の配線を加工せ- ずスマートに取り付けが可能なヤマハ車専用設計です! 【主- な適合車両】 YZF-R3/25、MT-03/25 等…

23 hours ago

Fiona Wilson

RT @trishathrive: Can you help me? Something HUGE is coming and I have been challenged to get 100 people to sign up for Free by Dec 31st.…

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Kyle Griffin

White men w/o college degree: Election Day 71% Last month 68% Now 56% White evangelical Christians: Election Day 8…

3 weeks ago

Le Parisien

Nicolas Douchez, gardien de but du RC Lens, en garde à vue à Paris

3 weeks ago

Mohd Najib Tun Razak

Meningkatkan kelayakan cuti bersalin drpd 300 hari kpd 360 hari sepanjang perkhidmatan, tertakluk kpd maksimum 90 hari setahun #Bajet2018

3 weeks ago


@ESL you give away mercedes cars to MVP's but can't afford a playerbooth camera with more than 10fps for your major? time to grow up

3 weeks ago