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10 years = a lot of Kpop Tweets 📈 To celebrate, we partnered with @kpopradar_blip to give you a glimpse into the p…

21 hours ago

Charlotte Clymer 🏳️‍🌈

Mitt Romney has always been who we thought he was and always will be and no amount of performative tweets and op-ed…

6 hours ago

Lawrence O'Donnell

Spelling shouldn’t matter much in tweets. Except maybe when you’re claiming intellectual superiority.

23 hours ago


uai, me dá unf e sabe de todos os meus tweets? ainda posta coisinha nos status? ue, flor. O que te aflige?

just now

Catie V. (Kimberly Spirit)

RT @PartyOfOnePod: @CalluxPW How big is Callux? Two tweets tall.

just now

Kat :)

RT @paydrhoe: my tweets aren’t to anyone specifically but if the shoe fits...

just now

Girls of Celtic

Canny just be me who gets a wee buzz out of tweets like this! Congrats to this stranger & everyone else with good…

just now

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