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Seth Abramson

(THREAD) This thread explains the Trump-Russia conspiracy (#Russiagate) in ten tweets. The theory & facts of the sc…

11 months ago


i delete tweets a lot bc my mood changes every 5 seconds i am not sorry

11 months ago

د. صالح المقاحطه

New day, new tweets, new stats. 2 followers, 1 unfollower. Via good old

11 months ago

Manfred Bartl

@gesetzlosigkeit [Like gilt nur für den Nachrichtenwert Deines Tweets.] Ja, schade! Sprich sie halt mit!

11 months ago

Lailesh Ostwal

@tavleen_singh I read ur tweets 1st line, was impressed. Then the second line came !!!

11 months ago


RT @TheStreetTaha: If you have ever liked any of my tweets I've already imagined our life together in Hawaii sipping mango drink

11 months ago

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