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Dr David Frawley

Hindu temples are built upon places of spiritual power according to Vastu and India's sacred geography. Draw in cel… https://t.co/rZpnhYxBzW


1 day ago

Deion Sanders

When did we as a people become so Sensitive,Soft,Skeptical & Sad? Let’s go baby we have so much work today to achie… https://t.co/YZL5mYscA2


21 hours ago

👁🐽👁 애상

@soft_hyunjins i kinda feel like spamming you to ruin the recording


just now

Sliley Rimando

RT @Anonymous_36937: New #duellinks video for you wonderful people! i showcase how to bypass the soft lock Blue-eyes spirit dragon places o…


just now


RT @GeorgePapa19: What is absolutely horrifying is that after it has been now proven that the FBI was willfully involved in a soft coup, no…


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