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Stephanie Ruhle

.@PhilipRucker: RBG's death & the chance that this liberal icon on the SCOTUS would be replaced by a conservative j…

1 day ago

Joe Biden

200,000 Americans have died from this virus. It’s a staggering number that’s hard to wrap your head around. But be…

3 hours ago

Pete Buttigieg

Consider what it means that the White House actively blocked mask distribution in our country. Our worst-in-the-w…

4 hours ago


RT @PandaRouge_: Hello. Je passais juste par là pour laisser un message positif à tous ceux qui liront ce tweet (oui même si on ne se conna…

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@minesniall @LuuhAlmeida_0 Nossa, a bonita já deve ter ouvido a música, pra dizer que a mulher a estragou. A 7 "fl…

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Ters Adam

@wcubra1 @ilhancomlek @ArifBicen @cemalettinustaa sen sadece dini Allahı peygamberi kullanan sapkın gönül gözü kapa…

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Salifou Noel

RT @Esprit_ivoirien: Ne regrette pas d’être gentil avec les gens parce qu’un jour, ils souhaiteront encore vous avoir

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