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Riddhi Chakraborty⁷

The dancers behind BTS in the #BTSKineticFilmON are so diverse in terms of ethnicity and even body type! A press re…

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What's happening in 2020 with our #Artemis program? Tune in at 12:45pm ET live from @NASA_Langley to hear @VP Penc…

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David Sirota

If you're fact checking, heres a press release on Bloomberg's website describing @MikeBloomberg as a "part-time Ber…

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Awais Irfan "And Some Say I Started An Investment Bank On Wall Street at 29 Yrs."

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RT @PPICNotes: The latest from the #PPICsurvey: With two weeks to go until the CA primary, Sanders (32%)now leads over Biden (14%), Warren…

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Jim Sciutto

Tonight, there are hundreds of American families watching news of Suleimani’s killing particularly closely. He engi…

1 month ago

Judd Legum

1. There were 19 hijackers, not 12 2. There is no evidence tying Soleimani to 9/11 3. Soleimani is a Shiite & the…

1 month ago

Bess Kalb

It’s been one day since Melania told the press her New Years resolution was “peace on the world.”

1 month ago


RT @6wee6er: قبل ثلاثة أسابيع تحدث عزام الخديدي عن تصفية قاسم سليماني ثم حدث ذلك بالفعل ، وقد تكون العملية خطة مشتركة للخلاص منه بعد قيامه…

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@ame_nanamori 分かった! なら DMいきます!

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