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Bill Mitchell

I am consistently hearing rumors from very reliable sources that @SpeakerRyan intends to poison-pill #TaxReform to set up a 2020 WH run.

1 month ago

Brennan Center

Trump’s 2020 campaign has spent $50,000 on Donald Jr.’s defense lawyer. Is that a proper use of campaign money?

1 month ago

Joe Biggs

Today Trump won 2020 in Houston

1 month ago

daan veer krn

@JRubinBlogger @BillKristol @RadioFreeTom Wrong. Watch Trump win re-election in 2020. You are way underestimating w…

1 month ago


RT @spread_wing0217: BSフジ 『アキレアの橋~2020遥かなる東京へ~』 第1- 7回「フィギュアスケート」より ゆづの初見部分✨

1 month ago

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