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@ThatMumboJumbo Hey! I got you an IDEA! I just seen your video "How to make FAST SMELTER in Minecraft!". If you gon…

1 week ago

Qwest Brentford

Qwest customer 3dmd @3dMD has a proven customer record of more than 1,500 #3Dcameras worldwide! 3dMD high-precision…

1 week ago

Britt Amtower

I'm at 3dMD in Atlanta, GA

1 week ago


@__o_o__magao 邦画ホラーと洋画ホラーって怖いのの部類が違うよね…!! あ- んまり見ないけど、邦画の方が見たくないのちょっと分かる…w- w(´^ω^`) とりあえず3DMDはクリアしたので、次- は初代DMDに挑みたいって言…

2 weeks ago

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Scott Dworkin

Do I have to remind everyone Jill Stein was at the table with Putin and Mike Flynn in December of 2015, made regula…

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Poland ABSOLUTELY WRECKS Sweden. Poland sent 150 firefighters to help Sweden put out recent forest fires, because…

1 week ago

Sleeping Giants

There’s a good reason why @jack is continuing to tweet today after being silent on Alex Jones for so long. He knows…

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How to Ace an Internal Interview? #Business #SMB

1 week ago

Skwachàys Lodge

Congratulations to one of our artists in residence Maynard Johnny Jr. for being included in the Bending Rules exhib…

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