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男子の6倍はあるらしいよ #BoxFresh

1 week ago

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Dana Loesch

So those at CNN who were up in arms over Fox hiring Sanders and Spicer appearing on dancing with the stars are cele…

1 day ago

Josh Gondelman

David Koch has died. In lieu of flowers please construct a shadow network of tax deductible shell companies to dona…

1 day ago

Donald Trump Jr.

REMINDER: Andrew McCabe was fired by the FBI for leaking and getting caught lying about it. ANOTHER REMINDER: @CNN…

1 day ago

Just Kidding Jeez

RT @CREWcrew: Reminder that Pompeo and his wife are under congressional investigation after a whistle-blower complained that the couple was…

1 day ago

Haopeng Wu

After Effect was a easier than 3DMAX, for people who just touch 3D model, 3DMAX is more complex and better for thos…

1 day ago