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Lunar New Year special 'Idol Star Athletics Championship' announces idol participants in gymnastics, aerobics, & ar…

2 weeks ago

Tom Peters

If you don't believe that training is Asset #1, ask an admiral, general, police chief, fire chief, orchestra conduc…

2 weeks ago

Rajyavardhan Rathore

All the best to the Compound #Archery Team leaving for a 14-day training module at world-renowned Sergio Pangi Trai…

2 weeks ago

dee //

if hakyeon cant attend isac who’s gonna play archery

1 week ago

akira fudo’s magnum dong

RT @rxmansblood: Brave - one thing i do love about this movie that isn’t touched in other Disney•Pixar movies is the Mother-daughter relat…

1 week ago

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