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The #Emmys crowd reacts to Jharrel Jerome's win for best actor in a limited series or movie for #WhenTheySeeUs…

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Game of Thrones

Today. #GameofThrones has won Outstanding Drama Series at this year's #Emmys.

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[17'S THE 8] 🙏❤️

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Mark Hilger

RT @JanisIrwin: Tonight at the #ableg, we heard a man shout “Make Canada Great Again” while Indigenous elders were offering a prayer. We ha…

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らっしゅさん、僕も頭痛いです @S_Rush_S

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Dr. Craig Considine

Whether people like to hear it or not, Prophet Muhammad significantly improved things for women. He outlined right…

1 month ago

Pastor West

Dear Lord, Today, I thank you for reminding me that I am strong. You’ve instilled in me the power to move mountain…

1 month ago


Think watching the Demogorgon chase Steve through an abandoned junkyard was terrifying? Try living it. Stranger Thi…

1 month ago

Larry Mount

@torillo59 @Carol_Stephen Perfecto! Wish I was chatting to be honest, hotels are not that inspiring when not on holiday #DigiBlogChat

1 month ago


@Feydakyn Nice! I’ll have to stop in for lunch then. I know all about summer and restaurants and help lol which is…

1 month ago