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El agua de arroz te puede ayudar a aclarar manchas en tu piel 😊

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RT @mikawa_1964: 「伝統的な刀鍛冶の技術を知ってもらおうと、全国の刀匠らでつ- くる奉賛会が毎年、『草薙剣』がご神体である熱田神宮で実施し- ている」 / “刀鍛冶の技、たたいて知る 熱田神宮奉納行事、参拝者も参加- :中日新聞…

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#シャドバ #ルムマ 84444 自傷します

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堀池 溪(無能の人)

刀鍛冶の技、たたいて知る 熱田神宮奉納行事、参拝者も参加:- 中日新聞Web eB

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RT @chunichi_aichi: 刀鍛冶の技、たたいて知る 熱田神宮奉納行事、参拝者も参加 -

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Eryn Allen Kane

He was consulting producer & wrote for his character & other black characters in S2. When his mgmt reached out to r…

3 weeks ago

Imran Khan

Oh, I didn't notice this PS5 easter egg before. Did anyone notice the super small text on the front?

3 weeks ago

John Cleese

The BBC's website refers to my 'fury' I think my comments were quite measured and moderate So why would the BBC r…

3 weeks ago

Pablo Renzo Nalda

The latest The 'Pablo Renzo Nalda ' Daily! #marketing #digitalmarketing

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RT @w_terrence: Powerful message! This touched my heart. Our LEO's are humans too. They have family and friends too. Everyone should listen…

3 weeks ago