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Kamala Harris

When Justice Kagan was nominated, 99% of her White House records were public 12 days before the hearing. For Kavana…

2 weeks ago

Mikel Jollett

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about: Elena Kagan records released to the public: 99% Sotomayer records…

2 weeks ago


“She’s the best cup of tea I’ve ever had" Luther Younger, 99 years old, on his wife of 55 years who he walks 6 mile…

2 weeks ago


مشاعر الظهر تصير 99% حقيقية وتؤخذ بعين الإعتبار.

2 weeks ago

so sad everyday .

م اقدر اتخطى الاشياء اللي تضايقني من العيشه هنا تضل عالقه بحلقي واحس بغصتها يومياً .

2 weeks ago

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