A Game Just Like Minecraft tweets

Josh Kakhu

Exploration is like a classic game of minecraft but I think it just has a hitch better graphics than minecraft


5 years ago


I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning...I just made it sound like there was a second Minecraft game coming out...whoops.


5 years ago


I could also play some multiplayer like on L4D2 or Minecraft if anyone wanted. Or I can start a new game. Just got Orcs Must Die 2 for one.


5 years ago

Starfox Studioz

@jeb_ @vormamim This is so true! Minecraft isn't just a game, its almost like a culture! A place where people can express their creativity!


5 years ago


@eepblah I love that game its like minecraft and paper mario just had a baby


5 years ago

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