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Joe Biden

Whether it's taking on the big banks or pushing for marriage equality—Kamala never shies away from fighting tooth a…

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Richarlison Andrade

Pra quem tava secando aí hahah aquele abç 🤪😂

2 hours ago

Lil Ugly Dude

RT @stephenasmith: I’d run if I had the support. Although I’m no politician, I’m about what’s best for the country. I’d like my chances vs.…

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ABC News

JUST IN: AG William Barr responds to SDNY attorney Geoffrey Berman: "Unfortunately, with your statement of last nig…

1 month ago

Vernon Jones

No matter what @realDonaldTrump does, the liberal media complains. First covid concerns to stop his rally, now maki…

1 month ago

Kylie Atwood

Bolton was worried about leaving Trump alone in a room with Putin "because I did not know what he would say" Bolton tells ABC.

1 month ago

Sam Earl

RT @GMA: John Bolton responds to criticism of his book: “The primary way we reign presidents in is not through impeachments, it’s elections…

1 month ago

Sean Veder

RT @ABC: Sen. Chuck Schumer is urging an investigation into the ouster of SDNY attorney Geoffrey Berman: "The late Friday night dismissal r…

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