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@ti_hy_nh_ab_lv そう!まじうまかった!あれどー食べればいーのか分かんなくね- ?爆笑

1 month ago

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Israel’s Supreme Court approved the demolition of this Palestinian village in the West Bank. Israel wants to destro…

1 month ago

Katie Hopkins

Dear @CyrilRamaphosa - you recently took a R33 billion loan from the Chinese Development Bank “no strings attached”…

1 month ago


RT @mvmeet: Congress is expert in the politics of the deception world. Nehru- I'm an accidental Hindu Rahul Gandhi- Congress is a Muslim…

1 month ago


RT @Alex_Houseof308: Imagine spending with your Naira MasterCard and not getting any discount back lmaooooooooo First Bank customers can't…

1 month ago