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troye sivan

and thank you @zanelowe & @beats1 for premiering it with me & for making it your world record!! absolute insanity

5 days ago

Gabriel Francis

🎶 FINALLY new music from LIZ!!! This is an absolute 90’s/modern BOP. 2018 is starting off right with...

43 minutes ago

Brett Melvill-Smith

#RIPHughMasekela , #BraHugh - absolute legend: 'Father of South African jazz' and apartheid activist dies aged 78

1 hour ago


RT @MeCA_tokyo: [2.9.fri MeCA Music Program at WWW X: BORDERING PRACTICE starring artists] Ryan Hemsworth(Canada): Music Producer, DJ. Navi…

9 hours ago


RT @WWW_shibuya: 《 BORDERING PRACTICE at WWW X 》 インターネット時代の音楽文化にネットワークを結ぶ。 t- ofubeats/KIMOKAL/Meishi Smile/Ryan Hemsworth/Meuko! Meuko!/PARK…

9 hours ago

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Josh Peck

Great to be home for the Holidays...

1 month ago

Roqayah Chamseddine

Paul Ryan was born into one of the wealthiest families in Janesville, Wisconsin. By the time he was 28 he had aroun…

1 month ago

Rolling Stone

A day in the life of K-pop superstars BTS

1 month ago

Glamberts Romania

RT @hennemusic: @QueenWillRock deliver the No. 3 Rock News Story Of The Year - NOW at hennemusic #hennemusicRockNewsAwards @DrBrianMay @Off…

1 month ago

ゴンジ#絆輝団 団長

#BGM #綺麗 #幻想的 #中二病 #召喚詠唱 どうもゴンジです! 今回は自分の中二病を利用して召喚呪文の詠唱台詞を出します!もしよかったら... 召喚詠唱 / 詠唱者() #nanamusic…

1 month ago