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Robert Maguire

A Canadian billionaire steel magnate hired a DC lobbyist and funded his own ad campaign to influence US steel polic…

6 days ago

Garrett Russell

i’m illegally streaming the basketball game from a Canadian TV network and a military ad came on. it’s funny to com…

1 week ago


RT @Brilliant_Ads: Poster ad for the Canadian Paralympics

33 minutes ago

Marc Dawson

RT @BBCStoryWorks: #Trains are “THE way to #travel,” says Lake Louise, #Alberta #chef Jerry Cook. Learn more about Cook and his unique #Can…

2 hours ago


RT @Republic_Now: Ad campaign for a Canadian head of state unveiled today

3 hours ago

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Rob Perez

entire city of Toronto in the streets raging i wanna believe Kawhi went straight home, threw on his sweats, and unp…

23 hours ago

Sergio Pérez

After this incident, I’m just very happy with the outcome of my day. That we all can go back home safe and sound wi…

11 hours ago

Darren Rovell

Nav Bhatia is at the game tonight, as he has been for every home game since the Raptors entered the league 24 years…

1 day ago

소개팅만남 채팅어플

여의도데이트장소 추천사이트 이거 보고가라

just now

Charlotte 🍀

Fine I’m drinking at home. But let it be known I made an effort to look like I was going out today.

just now