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PFT Commenter

One of the best pieces of play by play of alltime

1 week ago


.@offclASTRO's Eunwoo has been offered the main role in "This relationship is irresistible (unofficial translation)…

1 week ago

Sam Freedman

All these "Labour should fear Liz Truss" pieces. I mean they shouldn't be complacent against any oponent, and they…

6 days ago

Samson kan Holyboy

RT @GideonGidison: Know your worth! When you give yourself to someone who doesn't respect you, you surrender pieces of your soul that you’l…

5 days ago

RAsheed ahmad

RT @RAsheed42242242: @Ghummans This ground was made by the Indian Government on their religion based political doctrine that it would not l…

5 days ago