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YouTube just flagged 70 videos on my second channel as "Not advertiser friendly." Coming from someone who never even swears on stream, LMAO.

1 day ago


My overwatch summergames loot box unboxing video got demonitized and tagged as "not advertiser friendly" wtf?!? What is happening @youtube

1 day ago

Hawaii Prep World

IT'S UNANIMOUS: Saint Louis receives all 10 first-place votes in this week's Honolulu Star-Advertiser Top 10:…

1 day ago

YouTube is definitely trying to kill COD videos. My destiny vids are all "advertiser friendly" but anything with COD is not. @ThunderS7ruck

1 minute ago


RT @HParf: Great article in Tivyside Advertiser about Sea Dragon voyage & desperately needed Deposit Return Scheme on plastics…

2 minutes ago

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