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Oke sgitu scene marah-marahnya. Ini beberapa solusi dari Psikiater, Dr. Oh Eunyung. Kalau temen-temen yg psikolo…

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RT @Bitcoin: Great advice to have 30-36 months of cash ($USD). Additionally, Shakespeare’s advice in Act 1 Scene 3 of Hamlet: "Neither a b…

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@TheTaraErickson My mom's advice was sort of like the match scene in Lawrence of Arabia: the trick is not minding t…

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@CoopcityTV How do you know which one she talking about though 🤔this scene is literally in the first movie. Take yo…

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@MikeDeKulak @MontanaDan30 @gb4bedfordfalls @AVindman I’ve travelled to Texas a lot; football games, sales, logisti…

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