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Montel Williams

This is sick. This was terrorism and particularly sick yesterday when someone did this to @DonaldJTrumpJr’s WIFE AN…

6 days ago

Aniyah Ellaway

I called $Lend and it 2x now - $BTG $BAT $NBT $BNB $DOGE $MCO $BCC $SAFEX $VTC $DASH $XEL…

just now

Arailt Dober

I called $icx and it 2x now - $XZC $CND $AION $AMB $BTS $GXS $SALT $WAVES $MDA $REQ $IOTA…

1 minute ago

Mamie Mccarney

Only signal for Binance holders 0QY $PAY $WINGS $RDD $BAT $CANN $DCR $PIVX $BTC $NEO $SNT…

3 minutes ago

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