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Thesis: Carcinoids Antithesis: Polting Synthesis: Aeropause

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Paul Bernal

I wrote a blog post. Fake news, fake narratives, and why it’s so hard to deal with. Oh, and Jacob Rees-Mogg. “Fake…

4 weeks ago

Lexi Rose

Furthermore to anyone who stumbles across this tweet and needs it: I write a mental health blog about suicidal thou…

4 weeks ago


A full 62% of executives say their companies are today enabling workers to telecommute to a significant degree – th…

1 month ago

Wildly Romantic

RT @MKHarg: I've written a blog post about how I got myself signed to a literary agency for those of you who love a good agent-finding succ…

3 weeks ago

Alison Wilcox

RT @DrJonGriffiths: Sometimes it feels as though GPs are only viewed as people there to keep people out of hospital. Can I get a retweet fr…

3 weeks ago