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Federico Cingolani

@capitanintriga Arreglo afloral.

4 days ago

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Elizabeth Warren

Before @StevenMnuchin1 became Treasury Secretary, he was on the board of @Sears, where he helped gut the company an…

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Pradeep Bhandari

A successful entrepreneur who runs 1000 people strong organization, has 18 crore reach is being given sermon by a p…

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Bernie Sanders

If Amazon can raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour, there is no reason that McDonald’s—a company that took in $1.4…

16 hours ago

renji@社畜推し👔 (´ ・ω・ `)

RT @anacasandraa: HELLO 👋 to everyone who uses GRAB and other tnc platforms, it's been a year when our family launched a very similar app a…

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Projectus Consulting

Picofluidics, a life sciences company based at Cardiff Medicentre, has pioneered a microneedle technology which cou…

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