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« Afors annuir l’moun, l’ariv in zour banna la alime ali ! » #LaReunion

7 hours ago

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Darren Rovell

Columbia, SC liquor store @Greenswarehouse offering a Browns Bud Light can for $0.16 (H/T @mikegrover)

1 month ago

Star Wars

Which path would you walk? The dark side, or the light? Tune into #TheLastJedi premiere livestream for the results!

1 month ago


If we do not have Light within ourselves, we will not be able to walk in this very dark hour that will get even darker.

1 month ago

Willena Powers

RT @Toby351: x6 Dashe keys for sale, $300 a pop

1 month ago


@H__xxo0 あーねww

1 month ago