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Rian Stone

@DarkenedDuke @AllisJakeCLE @drybones_5 And don't get aimbots like on the XBOX OK, I'll just aim at a baseball siz…

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VS AI is a good way to practice your reaction time. Since all the bots are Aimbots and cheat. You don't have much t…

1 hour ago

ℒ 🌹 vrƷ

@Alen_HDZ18 Aimbots doesnt belong to Play of the game, got rekt

1 hour ago

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Alex Shibutani

A person/group/team’s fans and supporters are a reflection of the person/group/team. I respect and appreciate the c…

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The Associated Press

Cold War drama caught on video as North Korean soldier escapes. By @APKlug.

12 hours ago

Jobs Honolulu

Community Support Specialist - Wilson Care Group - Honolulu, HI Job Honolulu

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Eric Chung

Going places.

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