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Ika Natassa

money does buy bags. but apparently, not attitude. ps: dapat salam dari orang2 tajir sesungguhnya yg nggak pernah…

3 weeks ago

Nintendo of America

Get ready fighters, the #DragonQuest Hero will arrive in Super #SmashBrosUltimate later today! Available as part o…

3 weeks ago

Mufti Ismail Menk

Being happy & being content are two different things. Happiness is fleeting, it comes & goes, comes mainly form the…

3 weeks ago


@bigserglol @BJones23199 @nflnetwork @Colts @Chiefs @cheetah @EzekielElliott @dallascowboys @Chargers Oh so rings a…

3 weeks ago

Emma "put The Nanny on a streaming service" Blake

@gretasmitth i DID and i'm STILL panicking over PEMDAS this is WHY i had to read her book in the FIRST PLACE

3 weeks ago