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molly lee🍎❄️

Do you think we'll get a Switch port of TaiAli once all the episodes are localised? How likely will it be? I'd li……

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Just pre-ordered all the upcoming otome games from Aksys 💸💸💸

2 hours ago

Marvelous Games

@Tales_of_57220 Muramasa Rebirth is developed by Vanillaware and is not a title we were involved with. The Nintend…

6 hours ago


本作はインドネシアの開発会社Lentera Nusantara Studioが制作を手掛け、 Aksys Gamesが日本国外で販売を行っている2Dサイド ... リンク: c2 タ グ:#インドネシア #ニュース

12 hours ago

a single snail

Published by Aksys Games

1 day ago

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