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Steve Inskeep

This video brings to mind journalists and colleagues met in 20 years of traveling who've been questioned, detained,…

13 hours ago

Justice Democrats

“The UN says we have 12 years to transform our economy and avert catastrophe,” -@VarshPrakash, @sunrisemvmt “Over…

1 day ago

Caroline Lucas

🌞 Feeling inspired by @sunrisemvmt's incredible organising in the United States. 🧐 Strongly believe we need new…

9 hours ago


RT @DeplorableChoir: What part of “Flynn plead guilty to a process crime he was SET UP to commit by the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION do these LUNAT…

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John James

I'm President of a Detroit auto supplier. I serve the plant you visited & created 100 jobs in an industry you have…

1 month ago

Pope Francis

If you want to listen to the Lord’s voice, set out on the journey, live out your search. The Lord speaks to those who search.

1 month ago


RT @GraveyardBall: Hiromasa Saito and Hayato Takagi will be Down Under with the @MelbourneAces. Who has done this trip in the past? #NPBeng…

1 month ago

Deplorable “Beto”

Republican means jobs.. Democrats form mobs... #JobsNotMobs #VoteRed

1 month ago