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we live in hell

Caveman Black Mirror episodes: -are stone tools making our lives too easy? -now that we have words nobody's going t…

2 weeks ago

Preet Bharara

New game: Hillary won popular vote Putin doesn't love you Hope Hicks left you Alec Baldwin is funny Sessions prope…

1 week ago

Kyle Griffin

ThinkProgress reports that longtime Trump confidant Carl Icahn sold $31,300,000 of stock in a company heavily depen…

2 weeks ago

Ryan Bright

RT @XanaMarketing: The Self-Publishing Tools of Trade;Informing and Powerful Directory of Resources for #Authors #e…

1 week ago


@SIETAR Italia board meeting - grazie a Cristina Volpi per l'ospitalità e a tutti i board members per la proficua r…

1 week ago