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@Amy_Siskind @bannerite Alternate title: Oops!... I Did It Again

9 minutes ago

Richard Rose

Hi @PiAltrincham. Thanks for yet another great night tonight. Think I may have left my specs behind though, near @Idahoshop Amy. Oops! 🙄

4 hours ago

Amy Young

RT @DavidCornDC: GOPers pushed Brennan to say no evidence of collusion. In response, he bolstered justification for FBI probe. Oops. https:…

7 hours ago

Chris Nethery

@Jack_Lint2 @FisherBurton @ReaganiteGOPer @SarniamakChris HURTS when I dump, doesn't it Vasiliy? Hmmm...w…

9 hours ago

Amy Jurado

JAJA oops!

9 hours ago

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