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Ryan Fletcher* RT @ThisWasAmovie: Si no eres Andrew Garfield ni trates de conquistarme.

6 years ago


RT @KamBrothers: Bynum's explanation for his hair is essentially "YOGHO." (You only grow hair once.) AK

6 years ago

Andrew Nixon

@MMAdamMartin @LanceFischel5 Same here. I like Penner, Wilkinson, Alloway, Whittaker, and Fletcher also.

6 years ago

Debra Pirolo

Depeche Mode ❤ "There's criticism their music is gloomy~we feel its joyous & stirs emotions in people" ~Andrew Fletcher

6 years ago

aparecida newcomb

..Cashbox Partyworld Co Ltd-Lien Sheng Tai-presidente; Conexion Media Group PLC - Mervyn Guy Fletcher Presidente,Justin Andrew Sherry Ceo;..

6 years ago

Rob Zombie

But we feel the music is much more joyous, actually. It stirs emotions in people." - Andrew Fletcher

6 years ago

Caroline Magennis

@MsFloraPoste @cath_fletcher @alisonphipps @dratarrant @afrayn Agree with Andrew, not unless you have work that couldn't go elsewhere

6 years ago

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