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@eevee i used -> in a project at my last internship

1 month ago

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Peter Stefanovic

Tory MP tears into Boris Johnson over 'disgraceful deception' on £350m NHS claim, Sarah Wollaston, the chair of the…

1 month ago

Ted Lieu

Pentagon proposal "will make nuclear war a lot more likely" according to former Asst Defense Secretary. Scared? S…

2 months ago

Paul Krugman

I get a "fake news award" for a bad market call, retracted 3 days later, from 2000-lie man, who still won't admit h…

1 month ago

Janet Labanowitz

RT @maiasz: biggest barrier to stopping OD deaths isn't $, but misunderstanding about medication, my latest

1 month ago

Georgia Rose

RT @sendszayn: a diferença do zayn com barba e sem. ele fica tão neném que até sinto o cheiro de johnson’s baby

1 month ago