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@EpicSnake yea i can remember sitting and just browsing random anime forums as an 8 year old lol

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magical girl anime and gaiaonline role playing forums

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@HTHRFLWRS * looney tunes, disney movies, any cartoon that aired on WB in the 90s * literally whatever I could get…

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James Youdale

A1. When I was a teenager and I used to post on forums & make crappy anime fan sites, I made many digital connecti…

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RT @Cubebrush: 'Jealousy in the Pond' by nE0n1nja! Join the forum with your art for a chance to get featured🔥 #Dig…

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Latest tweets that mention “ - Diskusi komunitas Forum Anime. Forum Anime mulai dari Dragonball, Death Note, Haruhi, Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Love Hina”

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