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Leeds United

📋 | Your #LUFC Starting XI presented by @Ladbrokes: Wiedwald, Berardi, Cooper (c), Jansson, Anita, Phillips, O'Kan…

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Ian Miles Cheong

It'll be fun seeing all the industry people come out of the woodwork to condemn Trump for making his statement. The…

1 day ago


[IMPACTANTE] La actriz Anita Coacci trabajó con Juan Darthés en "Gasoleros” y relató que el actor la beso por la fu…

2 days ago

HĂ©ctor Cabello

RT @Bussy_Sally: Cuando de niño te dicen que "Anita lava la tina" es lo mismo al derecho y al revés.

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[24/2 4:35 PM] Anita: Te muestro el look [24/2 4:35 PM] Anita: Y vos me decís si está bien [24/2 4:36 PM] Anita: Es sin accesorios

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Kyle Griffin

A GoFundMe page has raised over $150,000 to support Roy Moore accuser Tina Johnson after her house suspiciously bur…

1 month ago

The Labour Party

We think renters should have the right to a home that’s fit for habitation. So on 19 January we’ll be voting for a…

1 month ago


TAKE ACTION: Polar Bears ❤ their #Arctic home. Pledge to defend the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge…

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