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kat 🔥 fuego naptime

@sunfase when i first started this series i was like “okay yea mcgillis is like the Good Cop antag and gaelio is li…

26 minutes ago

Mallory Kuhn

Just gave my antag such an amazingly wonderful "sidekick" character that I am going to have a REALLY hard time root…

1 hour ago

a very specific tree

whats a good conflict i could use for my world? My main antag is like... the king or whatever of one of the kingdom…

7 hours ago

Almighty cuddle god

@KindBunneh Though the monsters one i dunno. It depends on how they look i guess. And if they are protag or antag a…

11 hours ago

Tobbe Krokben

Antag att en undersköterska har en lägstalön på 20 tusen i månaden. Då skall samma undersköterska ha en lägstapensi…

11 hours ago

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