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Katja | Women's Lives Matter

@Lozbine @imamajornobody @michaelmalice @womensmarch So men who don't own property can't vote either and cities, wh…

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RT @songpinganq: Thread 1/2 In China's cities , as long as one COVID case found in a apartment building , all residents of this building wi…

2 hours ago

Sheri Conn says #TrudeauMustGo

@OnHels50 This is what smart cities are all about. They do not want any private citizens living out in the country…

3 hours ago


@kennedytcooper Suburbia outside is fine for kids. Lots of cities have wide, wide stretches with nothing but walle…

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What does the price of rent have to do with funding towns/ cities outside of london? Well, if money & opportunity…

3 hours ago

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