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Lil Chano From 79th

Wait wtf. I just retweeted a gem off your page only to find out you rocking with the kid?!? Let's make it happen I…

2 days ago

John McCain

Cindy & I are keeping America's sailors aboard the USS John S McCain in our prayers tonight - appreciate the work o…

2 days ago

Jim Carrey

That fool was no dummy. Jerry Lewis was an undeniable genius an unfathomable blessing, comedy's absolute! I am beca…

2 days ago

F9 Sports

Lionel Messi is being linked with a £275m move in today's transfer gossip:…

2 days ago

Attah Sabo M.

RT @WirelessMoment: Mr. Newman's Digital Rhetorical Symposium: Franklin D. Roosevelt "Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation" Analysis https://…

2 days ago

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Bradley Whitford

Cheers to Melania, @IvankaTrump, @jaredkushner, 4 putting aside their wrk on cyber bullying, women's health& mideast peace to enable Nazis.

3 days ago

Planned Parenthood

Texas wants a work-around for it's failed women's health program to be able to block Texans from care at Planned Pa…

2 days ago

Katty Kay

On immigration and women's health Trump WH is pushing restrictions - largely unnoticed.

2 days ago

Steve P. Sanders

When Alzheimer’s hit, she joined a clinical trial. Where were the other black women?

2 days ago

Crashing Bore

RT @LOLGOP: They'll do ANYTHING to fight the worst maternal mortality rate in the developed world except allow women basic access to health…

2 days ago