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Maggie Haberman

Miami Herald, 1987: "In a suit filed Tuesday against the Palm Beach County property appraiser's office, Trump claim…

4 days ago

Jesting Jodi - The John Adams Stan Account

@Peach_Appraiser It's always the crazy or the stupid characters I like. lol. My favorite character in Neuromancer (…

1 minute ago

Brian the Interjector

@IMissRWReagan Her character required a lot of talent. No doubt.

3 minutes ago

Jesting Jodi - The John Adams Stan Account

@Peach_Appraiser I think Dru just wasn't appreciated enough. There's hardly any gifs of her. I get she wasn't Char…

6 minutes ago

Brian the Interjector

@IMissRWReagan As Kendra found out. 😋

8 minutes ago

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