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Tristan Snell

NY AG Trump case is NOT about "subjective" real estate valuations. These are not inflations of 10%. These are infla…

1 week ago

Gregory T. Angelo

From the article: “Trump claimed that 12 rent-controlled apartments at Trump Park Avenue were worth $50 million tot…

1 week ago

The Associated Press

South Dakota’s ethics board won’t publicly disclose the “appropriate action” it took after finding evidence Gov. Kr…

1 week ago


Tykes Free Mint is LIVE @CaryValerye @smartraja91 @OnGee11 @Appraiser_Chris @Mizuu_NFT @EdisonChang0923 @alex_xor…

2 days ago

Rick Guasco

When I worked for the art appraiser, we were hired by the CIA to do a valuation of the museum. Lots of cold war era…

2 days ago

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