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Simple Plan

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK, MEXICO! #NPNHJBtour tix are still available at & pre game VIP here:…

3 weeks ago

New Garamond sabado

Listas New Garamond! Os esperamos con el mejor ambiente! Listas vip y reservas en el 630 880 984 -whats app!…

2 weeks ago

dewi resti mayang

Get 35-day JOOX VIP from drestimayang for FREE!

2 weeks ago

geoff golberg

RT @cjstuben9: @geoffgolberg @kayvz @kayvz Come on dude, you gotta fix this. I'm a VIP and I'm embarrassed to use the app. Please make this…

2 weeks ago

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Dinesh D'Souza

It’s really simple. If Bill Clinton can’t get $500,000 from Russia now to give speeches, it follows that the money they paid him was a bribe

2 weeks ago

Robert Reich

The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world where this nightmare scenario is even possible.

2 weeks ago


If someone stole my phone I feel like they would have a lot of questions

2 weeks ago


RT @AsToldByBrina: Twitter owes me a lot of money

2 weeks ago

GELA Pesigan

RT @christomlin: Feeling God's Holy Spirit, it's an incredible peace that money can't buy!

2 weeks ago